21 mins

They’re Kept In Cages, Beaten, Abused. All For Their Milk.

The Herd

A number of kidnapped and trafficked women find themselves imprisoned in a squalid medical facility. For Paula her continued survival relies on her basic human function.

Escape, on any level, is seemingly impossible as the women are condemned to a life of enforced servitude at the whims of their captors; for one reason only – their milk.

The Herd uses female humans in replacement for female cows whom are tortured every day in the dairy industry.

Known as the first feminist vegan horror film.

[Viddsee Community] Read the filmmaker's Melanie Light's AMA, hear her story and learn filmmaking tips here!


  • Best Short film – Festival Boca do Inferno 2 (Brazil ) Nov 2015
  • Best Cinematography- Bart Sienkiewicz – British Horror Film Festival ( UK) Nov 2015
  • Best Short Horror Film – Celluloid Screams ( UK ) Oct 2015
  • Best Foreign Short film – Russian Annual Horror Film Awards (Russia ) Jan 2015
  • Best Horror Short – London Independent Film Festival (UK) April 2015
  • Best Horror /Sci Fi – Sunderland Shorts (UK) July 2015


  • Grimm Fest Up North (UK) Opening Gala film Oct 2014
  • British Shorts Film Festival (Germany) Jan 2015
  • Russian Annual Horror Film Awards (Russia) Jan 2015
  • Open Screen (Luxembourg) Jan 2015
  • London Independent Film Festival (UK) April 2015
  • Fantaspoa Festival apart of the International Fantastic film festivals (Brazil) May 2015 
  • Cannes short film Corner (France) May 2015
  • East End Film Festival (UK) July 2015
  • Sunderland Shorts (UK) July 2015
  • Animal Publics: Emotions, Empathy, Activism Conference. The University of Melbourne (Australia) July 2015 
  • MARFICI , International Independent Film Festival Mar del Plata (Argentina) August 2015 
  • Women Underground (USA) August 2015
  • Rome International Film Festival (USA) Sept 2015
  • Shriekfest (USA) Oct 2015
  • Festival International Du Court Metrange et Fantastique (France) Oct 2015
  • Mayhem Horror Festival (UK) 2015
  • Sitges Fantastic Film Festival (Spain) Oct 2015 (in competition, Official Oscar qualifying film festival) 
  • Celluloid Screams (UK) Oct 2015
  • British Horror Film Festival (UK) Nov 2015
  • Leeds International Film Festival (UK) Nov 2015
  • Paris International Fantastic Film Festival (France) Nov 2015
  • Trieste Science + Fiction Festival Della Fantascienza (Italy) Nov 2015
  • Festival Bocado Inferno (Brazil) Nov 2015
  • PDXtreme Fest (USA) Dec 2015
  • Courts Mais Trash (Belgium) Jan 2016
  • VegBar (UK) Jan 2016
  • Mecal, International Festival of Short Films and Animation of Barcelona (Spain) April 2016

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