Tonio, a prominent healer in Nueva Vizcaya heals different illnesses and solves enigmatic problems in their barrio not until he found out that his only son, Miong, is the reason of unfortunate events that are happening in their barrio.

The Healer

In one of the far flung areas of the Philippines, there's this healer who believes in everything mystical. He is prominent in his place and everyone knows his capability of healing ill people. One day, mystery creeps him out as succeeding cryptic events occurred in their barrio. He kept on solving these mysteries but it made him feel anxious because of his instinct. This time, healing becomes more even personal as he slowly realizes everything. What will he do if he found out that his son is the reason of every cryptic thing that is happening in their barrio. Will he choose his son over his barrio's safety or will he compromise everything that he have built in his barrio for the sake of his son?