After cluelessly mourning the passing of his grandfather, 7-year old Ethan is determined to die to get to this better place in the afterlife his parents speak of, in their attempt of explaining what death really is. He tries to light himself up like a christmas tree in his bathtub the way his grandfather did, but he needs a little help (because the socket is too far).

The Greatest Adventure To Nowhere

Ethan attempts to go on an adventure to find his deceased grandfather. He convinces his new-found friend, Ron, from the food-buddy program to join him on his endeavour. When Ron realises what Ethan is actually up to, he has no choice but to sabotage his plan. Ethan soon finds out and the duo find themselves caught a messy scuffle. Ron’s dismiss lands Ethan an opportunity to confront the idea of death with his mother. Ethan is in denial about his grandfather’s death but grows to accept it. Ethan realises that the happy place he is determined to go to does not exist. His grandfather was the happy place. Through his experience of winning his friendship back and growing up, he also learns about death and companionship.