How Do Complete Strangers Become Best Friends?

The Boy In The Whale Suit

Daiyu is intrigued by the boy in the whale suit who passes by her flat every day. A solitary creature, Daiyu plays with her toy on her own, until one day, her beloved toy falls out the window. Fearless and unthinking, she finds a way to retrieve her toy, and sees the boy from afar. As she follows the boy in the whale suit, Daiyu goes on a mini adventure, to discover who this mysterious stranger is, and how friendships are formed. 

"The Boy in the Whale Suit" is an updated fairy-tale, with whale suits, Godzilla, and the good luck cat, or maneki-neko, as prominent figures in a classic story of how opposites attract. The film is charming in its demeanour, using two children as protagonists and fluid 3D animation enveloped in bright colours. It is a whimsical escapade exploring how children perceive each other, and how we see other and ourselves, in the many different ‘suits’ that we don each day.