Yuli (48), seorang korban tsunami yang selamat kembali menelusuri memorinya pasca bencana.

The Act Of Remembering

Yuliana or Yuli was a tsunami victim on 22nd December 2018 in Kunjir Village, Lampung, who survived. A total of 24 tsunami victims died. Several serious injuries and houses washed away by the waves. Leaving her home in the village of Kunjir, Yuli settled in the city area and ran his daily life as the owner of Ayam Gepuk Restaurant. Yuli traces her memories in Kunjir Village. She met his neighbors in the village while chatting warmly and jokingly. Yuli returned to her house which collapsed due to the tsunami. She pays attention to the rubble around him and hopes to build another house there someday with her friend, Eva. Yuli, Eva, and their friends named Maya, happily eat together in the ruins of Yuli's house.