The 100th

After right swiping each other on Tinder, Purab, 26 & Malvika, 24 meet for a night date at a local coffee shop. If, Purab who apparently sleeps around with women for sport is able to get Malvika into bed, she would be the 100th girl he would have slept with.

On the same day Malvika’s estranged father who had left her and her mother for another woman when she was just 8, has died. Malvika not being in the right frame of mind, is facing contradicting memories of pain/ hate and love towards her father and is out on this tinder date to get away from her thoughts. All this while she is also getting calls from her mother in Kolkata, asking her to come to her father’s funeral, to which she refuses.

At Purab’s house things take an unexpected turn as while making out with him , Malvika, not being able to handle her vulnerability, gives in and starts crying in front of him.

What follows is a series of conflicting conversations between the two as Malvika gets to know one another and their respective stories. By the end of the film Purab unconsciously convinces Malvika to bury past pain and memories and convinces her to go to Kolkata for the funeral while he himself feels something real and deep for a girl after a very long time. Both of them end up making a real connection and he asks her out onanother date once she is back from Kolkata.