This Is A Story About A Man Who Begs For Forgiveness From Others But He Himself Refuses To Forgive Another Man.


"Teshuvah" known as Repentance in Judaism, is the way of atoning for sin in Judaism. Wei-jay is an ambulance driver, who served 3 years in prison as a result of a charge of professional negligence that led to death, revolving a medical mistreatment dispute. After he got out of jail, being not able to get back on normal tracks, he was overly burdened by guiltiness and thus began to seek comfort from religions. 

However, the complexity of doctrines, philosophy, and sacrifice ceremonies deepen his feeling of being a wretched murder. Therefore, he decided to set off a journey of atonement, seeking the forgiveness from the victim. However, the heavily tortured-by-guilt Wei-jay told a truth that sparked a fiery revenge. At this very moment, Wei-jay’s father, who had not been in contact with Wei-jay for years, came to ask for a meeting while suffering severe conditions of illness, in hope to be forgiven by Wei-jay. The deeper the love is, the worst the sin became. How could a man’s soul ever be sublimated?