All is fair in love and war. When an ugly girl, Putri, finds out that the love of her life is getting married to her own friend. She will do anything it takes to get him back in her arms. She turns to the black magic practice of using susuk to lure Adi into her clutches. 

As Adi starts to fall for the new Putri, his marriage with Nuraini gets jeopardised Using Susuk allows one’s beauty to be enhanced at the price of their freedom. It comes with its restrictions such as not to walk under hanging clothes or walk near open soil. If the user breaks the rules, not only does the needle lose their effect, they become vulnerable to demons and spirits lurking for a new vessel.

All doesn’t go well for Putri as her bad luck causes her to break her charm on Adi. She becomes desperate and attempts to remove Nuraini from the equation.


為了能得到男孩的愛,Putri 決定使用最黑暗的魔咒,就是賦予惡靈自由讓自己得到美麗。然而,這也附帶著種種的禁忌,一旦禁忌被打破,一切的後果也將不堪設想。

當男孩發現這一切時,Putri 彷彿已經深陷了恐怖的詛咒當中...