Subur is an elementary school student, he is obese who tries to maintain honesty and endure various temptations while carrying out running test activities

Subur Is Honest

Subur is honest. Subur (L/12) is a student who sits in the class 6 of elementary school, he is fat. In that day, there was a sport lessen, it's long distance running with surrounding the village which near from the school. Every temptations came to him when it's run examination, as like Somat whose stop in his house to eat, Rio and Topan who used the shortcut to get faster to school, and Marni as a spoiled girl who followed her dad by riding motorcycle, to be not got tired. Mr. Budi is a sport teacher whose caught the students who were cheating in run examination. Mr. Budi was supervised and followed them furtively. Such as, hiding in chicken coop, goat coop, and being a field people toy. Subur's struggle who was confront the temptation from his friends, getting the good result that Subur got the highest score in the class.