Long time friends are forced to confront each other’s’ pet peeves while out on a ghost hunt for a client.

Soul Searching

Hazim and Fehrin have been friends since childhood and are known to pick up odd jobs to supplement their income. However, their friendship takes a bad turn when Hazim begins neglecting their partnership and begins to spend more time with Fehrin’s sister. They received a job from a client to disprove the existence of a ghost inside an apartment he is intending to sell. Initially sceptical, the duo goes about their job, but begin to find stronger evidence to the ghost’s existence. However, in many ways their evidence can’t be used to present to the client due to their own mishaps. Forced to stay the night, the duo begins to confront each other about their dislike for one another. When an undeniable haunted incident happens in the apartment, the duo tries to escape but find themselves trapped in the apartment. Seemingly at an end, the duo amends their friendship and accepts each other’s flaws as the ghost looms nearer.