A widower deep in his grief, orders an A.I assistant to help him forget his late-wife

Something About Evee

After the death of his beloved wife, Yvette, George, deep in his grief, orders an A.I assistant, Evee, to help him forget her. After Evee cleans his house, she finds out that he has been holding on to Yvette’s stuff, hence, she starts to clear everything, leaving George in frustration, Evee then understands that George is not ready for a drastic change; and she starts comforting him. The following night; his 6th wedding anniversary with Yvette, George returns home to find Evee, dressed in Yvette’s clothes and celebrates it with him. They dance. Then he kisses her; and she kisses back. They make love. And the next morning, she is gone. George then calls the company and finds out what happen to Evee. Left devastated, George realises how low he has sunk. In the end, he starts finds his closure he always wanted to have.