Why Couldn’t Dad Just Be Normal For Once?


Even though his only daughter is about to go abroad, the father disappears from his hotel to pursue his quirky pastimes. The story of a daughter and her father at a hot spring hotel, and the eggs boiled in the hot spring steam.

At the hot spring at Kannawa, in Beppu City, Japan, Hiroka, the only daughter of the hotel’s owner, is about to leave for abroad. Even though her departure is fast approaching, her jocular father has disappeared from the hotel seemingly to indulge some quirky pastime. Hiroka’s anxiety and irritation are growing. An elderly regular guest at the hotel worries about her and gives her two boiled eggs that he had prepared in the hot spring steam. Are they soft-boiled or hard-boiled? A story of eggs and the hot spring steam, a daughter and her father.

就算是她即將離開家裡,好玩的爸爸還是突然丟下了酒店裡的生意參加了追尋舊時回憶的活動。Hiroka 無法體諒爸爸的作為,更為此而感到厭倦與生氣。然而,店裡的的老顧客送給她兩顆雞蛋,卻讓她突然有了領悟...