Do Children Inherit Sins Of Their Parents? What About A Criminal Past?


When the enigmatic and aloof Roy steps into the poverty-stricken world of his ex-convict father, for the first time- he is a prized trophy. But when he has to quickly adapt to this abrupt and awkward reunion while enduring the pinning down of ruthless routine bullying in school, he is a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any moment. Though Roy idolises his father’s competency that revolves around the art of barbering; a family heirloom left behind by his late grandfather in the old apartment, something always seem to come between them. Perhaps it is his father’s vicious bouts of tough love, paranoia and anxiety to conceal a shady past and yet, give him a decent life.

On the contrary, perhaps it is Roy’s teenage angst that keeps him wanting to prove his worth to his father so as to achieve a sense of security. This kind of rage helps to trap him in the imaginary world he creates in his journal but in real life, he winds up in the ‘ring’ all alone. Unable to understand the weight of his father’s words after a tenacious brush off, Roy plunges deeper into his grief. Raheem comes face-to-face with redemption and writes his son a smile. Clouded by his father’s past savage realm of life, will a young boy’s battle against his own identity make him triumph over the indigenous callous shady world, which stubbornly surrounds his father? Or will this father and son story uphold the everlasting Malay folklore - “A spotted father begets a speckled son."?