An insomniac's search for the girl of his dreams, literally.


Sleepless revolves around Rem, having suffered from insomnia, decided to take sleeping pills to cope with his lack of sleep. He met his perfect dream girl and fell in love with a girl in his dreams. The story revolves around him taking the pills to get sleep, but more importantly, to spend time with his perfect girl whom he is still getting to know. Night after night they would go on their perfect dream dates and would fall in love with the girl and their relationship even more. This relationship made Rem very happy. She will be the reason the reason he wakes up every morning, and of course to sleep. The thought of her blurred his distinction between what is real and unreal until one day because of how well he is now doing and coping with life, he started to realize he did not need his pills anymore, but that night without the pills he then realized he could not find nor see the girl anymore. Days have passed and he still yearns to see the girl again, he then decided to take the pills once more to test if his theory was correct, he sees the girl and they talked and he hesitantly brought up the possibility of not seeing her again. The story ends openly between his two choices. Move on and let go of his perfect girl or continue to poison himself with his perfect fantasy?