Sleep With Me Ep 5 - Overheated

On the way to a wedding, a car breakdown triggers an argument between Peggy and Jason. Peggy storms off and finds resolution in an unexpected place.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement: 

The characters in Sleep With Me long for intimacy - whether it is a 14-year old on his first crush, a 65-year old divorcee on the rebound, or a couple who have drifted apart and are trying to find their way back to each other. The series was an opportunity to explore this need for connection and conventional and unconventional expressions of love in a humorous way. The underlying message here is about the need for communication in relationships. Singapore divorce rates in recent years show that the proportion of divorcees, aged 45 years and above have risen significantly. Hence, at the heart of the series is a couple working on their 16-year old marriage, and from there other relationship dramas involving their family members unfold. In Sleep With Me, I wanted to create a series that was script and performance-driven, with strong characters and a style of humour that is sharp and bittersweet. I hope viewers will see a bit of themselves in all the characters. Enjoy the series!