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Siti Vampire: Episode 1

One bad night for Siti Farhana takes a turn for the worse -- far worse -- when she is inexplicably bitten by a vampire and turned into one! She must find a way to reverse the curse or forever be trapped in her tubby twenty-five year old body complete with a pimple-laden face forever!

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement: I have struggled with my weight for as long as I could remember. And when I fully graduated from dad bod to obese bod, I became worried. It is somewhere between these two bod sizes that I started watching the Twilight movies. And when I began putting thoughts onto paper about a vampire story set in Singapore, I felt that it wasn’t enough.

Something was missing. Something personal...

Everything only clicked in place when I combined the idea of a vampire comedy and my weight insecurities: what if someone struggling with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy turns into a vampire and is trapped to look like so for eternity? I chuckled a little...then I chuckled a little more. And Siti Vampire was born.

Siti Vampire is my homage to the Hong Kong horror-comedies of the eighties like Mr. Vampire and Encounters Of The Spooky Kind. At once heartwarming, funny with a gnarly splatter of blood, the series is about friendship, self-acceptance and how sucky (pun sorely intended!) being a vampire can truly be!