Simi Kopitiam

Kopitiams are everywhere in Singapore but where once they were run by individuals and reflected their quirks and idiosyncracies, many have now become cookie cutter outlets dispensing cheap food and no service. Our documentary takes a sneak peek into the lives of three kopitiam owners who still run their own spaces. We see their love for their trade and hear about their struggles to stay afloat in the cut-throat F&B business. In an era where chain restaurants and curated cafes reign supreme, these owners insist on pressing on. And what they serve is more than a simple cup of kopi. Sometimes it’s a refuge. Sometimes it’s a memory. Most of the time, it’s a sense of belonging.

A project funded by iRememberSG, as part of Singapore Memory Project for SG50.


一項為配合SG50 並是Singapore Memory Project 的其中一環,由 iRememberSG 所提供資金贊助的作品。