Adele, a 30 years old social worker in an orphanage, who was left in the orphanage by her mother, lives with the trauma of being abandoned and unwanted. Hiding behind the trauma, she allows her negative thoughts to manifest and creates a sense of over-protectiveness for kids in the orphanage, often hindering her ability to make sound decisions at work with regards to adoption, until Aden.

Aden, an 8 years old boy with a similar background as Adele, is a sweet, young little matured boy who is curious about the world and often wonders what life is like outside. Under the protection of Adele, he has been well taken care of in the orphanage but he now faces the choice of being adopted or staying in this comfort zone.

Will Adele finally brave up and take a step forward with her life, or will she continue to be misled by her emotions?

A Viddsee Original Production

Director's Statement:

Love exists and prevails even in the darkest of times. With the concept of mental health and unconditional love in mind, Silence is a fictionalised account of such a story.