A story of a less privileged boy who started from scavenging grew up to helping children who are less fortunate like him

Si K.

Si K is a documentary that manifests a story of a less privileged boy who started by scavenging and grew up to help children who are less fortunate like him.

Kesz Valdez grew up in a dumpsite in Cavite. His family doesn’t have enough to sustain their everyday needs. Kesz, at a very young age, was forced to scavenge for food and beg for alms for a living. Whenever he doesn’t have the money to give to his parents, his father would beat him up.

Sooner after, his parents neglected him threw him out of their home and labeled him “bad luck”. He had nowhere to stay. So, he ended up in the streets and public markets to beg. On some days he would sleep in an open graveyard and doorways of shops.

Fortunately, he was found sleeping in front of the convenience store being kicked by costumers because he was in the doorway. KB Manalaysay and Efren Penaflorida, mentors of Kariton Klasrum saw Kesz, and they were kind enough to take him home with them.

This was the beginning of something exceptional. After that he was adopted, Kesz started the establishing of the Championing Community Children. Kesz has gone ahead to make extraordinary progress. Both Kesz and his friends have given more than 7,000 "Gifts of Hope" containing shoes, sanitary items, clothes and toys to the street children. Kesz's Wealthy Healthy Outreach program that he keeps running with the assistance of other young volunteers has attended to more than 10,000 children. He helped clean children's wounds, and gave out a number of toothbrushes, while also teaching them about sanitary, cleanliness, health and children’s rights.

At 18 years of age, Kesz has accomplished more than what most grown-ups have ever done in their existence. His passion for reaching out to the street children made him differ from children of his age. This documentary indicates anyone from rich to poor and young to old may help and give out a helping hand to those in need. One must not wait for another time to come; one can start reaching out to others, today.