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Shaman of the Sea sails cutting through the city.

Shaman Of The Sea (바다의 만신)

Set in Incheon, Shaman Of The Sea chronicles the efforts of Shaman Kim Keum-hwa to preserve Baeyeonsin-Gut in the west coast of Korea. Originally from Hwanghae-do in what is now part of North Korea, Shaman Kim fled to the South during the Korean War and has since maintained the Baeyeonsin-Gut tradition in the city of Incheon where she finally settled. In the past, the West Coast Baeyeonsin-Gut was both a religious ritual and a village fête performed in fishing villages to wish the well-being of seamen and agood haul of fish. However, due to changing circumstances in the fishing industry of modern Incheon, the tradition of Baeyeonsin-Gut now faces extinction. Join ShamanKim on her quest to keep this ancient custom alive. Will she manage to keep this precious ritual alive?