When his parents fight, it’s him who gets caught in the middle.

Shackled (閉鎖鏈)

One day Xiao Nan returns home to find that everything familiar to him has changed. His parents are locked out, and he is stuck inside a house in turmoil as an invisible shackle silently suffocates the family.

What Xiao Nan “sees” and “hears” in his mind become disorienting commands where truth is difficult to separate from fiction.

Can Xiao Nan find the way out?

有一天,小男回家時,平常熟悉的一切突然都改變 了,爸爸媽媽被反鎖在屋外,小男也被困在屋內 的一團混亂裡,無形的鎖鏈悄悄捆縛了整個家⋯。 小男的腦海裡看到與聽到的,都成為真假難辨的指 令,讓人無法自拔不能自主,小男能不能找到出口呢?