Seow On 7

A day in the life between the neighbourhood nagging senior, Aunty Seow, and a young, newly wedded couple, Colin and Joann, sends the three into the heart of every trivial neighbourhood squabbles that quickly escalates and leaves each of them with their own emotional trauma.

A day of remembering and honouring the death anniversary of Aunty Seow’s late husband was met with a rowdy night of food, drinks and bustling mahjong throughout the night. Aunty Seow and the couple faced each other in a confrontation that no one wants to have. The three must now decide, in their own way, what to do to make their living conditions better for one another - to continue being sworn enemies, or to leave ego at the door and welcome a new friend?

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement:
Young or old, all of us will have at least one encounter with a neighbour that does not have the same frequency as us. Maybe one that makes noise when we want things to be quiet and another, does things that we cannot live with. An annoying neighbour is a staple in every neighbourhood yet we will never understand their lives if we do not reach out to them. People live in different conditions and lifestyles even though they live in the same apartment building. And that is what makes life quite beautiful and colourful in its own way. When was the last time you really get to know your neighbour and invite them for a meal? When was the last time you actually have a conversation with them? This film explores not only the generational gaps that haunts everyone of every age but also to explore the idea that to make strangers into friends, you must be the one that reaches out your hand. And who knows, you will make a friend or two?