31 mins

A Selfish Chain-Reaction Returns To The Guy Who Started It

Selfish People

Making his living as a proxy driver, Eui-seol, takes a drunken lady named Se-rim home, only to find out that she is reported missing three days later. He finds out from two detectives that Se-rim's house was where she used to live, and those detectives, knowing that Se-rim was the one who asked them for protection, tries to avoid the blame. Eui-seol, by chance, gets into Se-rim's car again and sees a mysterious guy in the car. 

Eui Seol,他是以代客駕車為生的司機。一天,遇上了醉酒的女孩Se-rim,並將她載送回家。而女孩卻在過後被投報失蹤了三天。這一切不但與他有關,更彷彿是一位他的自私而害慘了女孩...

  • Competition, 7th Cinetoro Film Festival (2014, Colombia) 
  • Competition, 3rd Viewster Online Film Festival (2014, Switzerland) 
  • Competition, 5th FICMA-International Film Fair Manizales (2014, Colombia) 
  • Competition, 13th MACABRO-Mexico City International Horror Film Festival (2014, Mexico)
  • Competition, 2nd La Guarimba Film Festival (2014, Italy) 
  • Competition, 1st Bašta Fest international Short Film Festival (2014, Serbia) 
  • Competition, 5th Salón Internacional De La Luz (2014, Colombia) 
  • Competition, 1st Cine Shorts Bodega Cultural (2014, Brazil) 
  • Competition, 50th DAEJONG Short Film Festival (2013, Korea) 
  • Competition, 7th Daejeon Independent Film Festival (2013, Korea) 
  • Competition, 2nd Incheon Independent Film Festival (2014, Korea)
  • Winner of Viddsee Shortee Award, January 2016

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