Derek Seldon is in his 30s, a professional white- collar worker. He is married to Grace, a pretty blonde, who has serious problems. The marriage between Derek and Grace is unstable. Grace is prone to violent outbursts, directed at her Derek, and Derek suffers from the overwhelming feeling of helplessness of being stuck in an unhappy marriage.

Derek’s work has never suffered despite his unhappy domestic situation. He finds comfort in his work, and also the arms of his personal assistant Lena. A gentle, loving woman, who genuinely cares for the well being of Derek, and has observed for a long time, the amount of suffering Derek has undergone at the hands of his wife Grace.

Soon enough, Grace discovers the affair and confronts Derek about it. It ends with Grace savagely assaulting Derek. The assault is the catalyst for Derek divorcing Grace. Lena and Grace both leave Derek’s life.

A year later, Derek by chance meets Lena and they get married. Lena and Derek have a happy marriage, but is tainted by a secret locked away in a ‘Paris’ box, to which Lena will not reveal to Derek.