Saying goodbye to Miranda

Miranda decided to leave for a foreign country to develop her tattoo business. On the day of departure, due to improper arrangements, the time was tight. That morning, she was still moving the belongings at home for transoceanic logistics. Thanks to his brother's assistance, she manage to finish the moving. She promise her brother that she would visit her mother before leaving. But after the moving, Miranda felt that she did not want to face the past, and then left quietly. Her brother found her and snatched her baggage. They had a big fight but finally they went back to their mother's house together. They have unhappy moment in the house and their mother asked Miranda to take the items away. The brother tried to smooth things over for everyone but failed. At the end, Miranda left alone, but she found that she had left her hand bag behind. In the moment of searching her baggage, she found one of her childhood doll in her baggage. She was very encouraged. The little bag she left behind.