SAOP (The Tenant)

Berto inherited the task of being the caretaker of a property from his father who also inherited it from his own father. This is the only job that he knows to do. The land, seems forgotten by its owners, but Berto remains dedicated to his task. He lives and breathes the land not wanting anything else. One day, Berto’s neighbors tells him of a myth that soldiers from the second world war left buried treasure in the land. They tell him that the land is haunted. Then a mysterious old and blind woman warns him of impending danger. Still, Berto remains a skeptic to ghost stories. He goes on his usual daily chores making sure that the land is kept safe from trespassers and treasure hunters. Suddenly, Berto feels that he is not alone. He follows the voices that he hears and the shadows that he thinks he sees only to discover that there is more to old wives’ tales than meets the eye.