12 mins


The birth of Edmund's daughter, Riley resulted in the death of his wife. From there, he started to live in the world of denial with missing fragments of his wife in his mind. We follow the journey of Riley. She tries to escape the hands of her father who desperately tries to create a carbon copy of his wife through her. She aims to build a sandcastle of her own as it symbolises freedom to her, out of her father's reach.

Edmund女兒的出生卻也意味著太太Avery的死亡。無法放下接受太太離世的包袱,讓他一直努力將女兒打造成心中太太的樣子。面對爸爸的百般束縛與逼迫,Riley 一直試著逃跑。希望可以用自己的力量築造一座沙堡,一個象徵著自己自由解脫的地方....

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