Warmly Regards, We Are Bumpkins From Waterlog (Salam dari Anak-anak Tergenang)

This documentary movie told about children from any villages who rejected the cities as their new homeland. A main issue backed this problems. Their homeland (located at Cipaku Sub-District, Sumedang District, West Java Province, Indonesia) was a "victim area‟ since 1982. At least 28 villages must be cleared and evacuated earlier because all of them were located in zone of Jatigede Dam (a government‟s project which planned to be accomplished in this July 2015).

So, their houses and villages will be waterlogged soon. The children had own reasons to remain in spite of their parents. Their reasons would be one of movie's presentations to watch. Cameras successfully recorded any unadorned minds either innocent acts from "the bumpkins‟ like them.