26 mins

A heart-warming film with an ensemble cast. Seven actresses with a great deal of personalities happen to have communication in one toilet.

Sakura Toilet

There is one toilet on the 1st basement floor, where various women visit day by day. A heart-broken office girl, a lonely sanitation worker, a high-school girl and so on... They happen to start communicating through the wall inside the toilet while using it as a bulletin board.

One day, before the beginning of spring, a woman leaves a note on the wall, which says "Cherry blossoms will bloom soon. Why don't we go to see them together?"

They meet up under a cherry tree. They identify each other by holding toilet rolls in their hands.

  • Honorable mention, Isama Studio Film Festival Scenario Award, 2009
  • Grand Prize, 14th Nagaoka Indies Movie Competition
  • Nomination, Kozaka Honmachi Ichome Film Festival Vol.11
  • Grand Prize, Kisssh-Kissssssh Film Festival, 2013
  • Award of Excellence, Fukuoka Independent Emissions Independent Film Festival, 2014

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