An elderly woman who has hopes can see gerbera flowers that bloom before her death. But when an unexpected time the old woman could not see the gerbera flower in bloom.

Sabda Yang Telah Terpatri (Destined)

Oma Yeti (70) is singing a Chinese song in the living room of her house. Yiyi is watering plants in his yard. Oma Yeti approached Yiyi and took a spray of flowers and then sprayed her beloved gerbera flowers that had just been planted in her yard, Yiyi said that the flowers had just been watered. Oma Yeti stroked the flower while smiling happily. Yiyi called Oma Yeti from inside the house to eat. Yiyi who ate pork noodles with gusto, but Oma Yeti saw Yiyi while stirring the noodles looking for pork but nothing. Yiyi explained to Oma Yeti that she had just recovered from her strawberry and had to protect her diet. Oma Yeti took one piece of broccoli and ate it while facing away from Yiyi. Yiyi who was washing the dishes listened to Oma Yeti calling from the bathroom. Yiyi helped Oma Yeti to take a shower. Yiyi looked into the yard, Oma Yeti was happily spraying her favorite gerbera flowers, Yiyi told her to go to sleep. Oma Yeti who was lying looking at the ceiling. Oma Yeti karokean with her favorite Chinese song in the middle room together with Yiyi. Arriving at Yiyi's house, he saw a beggar flower with a look that was watching why Oma Yeti was so happy with the flower. Oma Yeti called Yiyi from inside the house. Oma Yeti and Yiyi karaoke together. The night before Oma Yeti lay down, she looked at the ceiling and closed her eyes and fell asleep. Oma Yeti with a happy face walked among the many flowers while carrying gerbera flowers.