A man who finds his second chance under a flyover and calls it home.

In 1997, Ruslan was admitted to Pertapis Halfway House after his release from prison. He manages to kick off his drug abusing habits and forms a close bond with his caretaker, Ridzal Taufiq.

In 1998, Ruslan discovered a place under a flyover and decides to adopt it. To him, it was a place not only for shelter but also acts as a sanctuary. Ruslan is now a self-employed fisherman, and he does boat repairs for a living. He also extends a helping hand to those who needs a second chance.


1997年,Ruslan 在出獄之後進入了 Pertapis Halfway House。他成功讓自己戒毒,更與那裡的工作者Ridzal Taufiq 成為了好朋友。

1998 年,Ruslan 發現了天橋底下的空地,更決定住了下來。對他來說,那不只是個住所,更是個讓他獲得平靜的地方。Ruslan 如今是個漁夫,也為人們維修船隻以賺取生計,也會為那些還在迷茫的人伸出援手。