Road To Zero

Meet two sisters who are drastically different in one aspect — sustainability! Take a peek into Kimberly’s lifestyle and growing waste problem, which she decides to take action on by seeking tips and advice about zero waste from her sister, Melissa, an environmental advocate who is also known as the Bamboo Straw Girl.


Director's statement: The zero waste movement is gaining traction locally. Aside from tips to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, we wanted to highlight the bigger picture of zero waste through a vlog-style documentary, showing how one can adopt the mentality of consuming consciously, which we, or at least I myself, have not considered previously.

Some may have the impression that zero waste is intimidating and inaccessible. However, advocates like Melissa show us that the road to zero waste is an on-going journey, which each individual make decisions on the sustainable lifestyle changes that best suits themselves, one step at a time.

This content is produced by Viddsee and National Environmental Agency, with support from collaborating partner, Fairprice.