Antara rasa dengan pikiran sama dengan cinta

Real Love

Maya (27) is a wife whose husband Dino (30) died due to covid. Dino is a doctor who has been struggling to cure his patient who is sick with covid but in the end he died due to exposure to covid. Maya who loves her husband very much still feels the illusion that her husband is still by her side at all times. Every day she prepares breakfast for her husband and eats with him even though it is only her illusion. In fact, she invites her husband's illusion to spend quality time at home, such as watching movies together, cooking together. When night fell, Maya and her husband's illusion fell asleep in bed. Then a conversation began to appear between Maya and her husband's shadow, the conversation actually contained the contents of Maya's heart who missed her husband, until she didn't realize she had fallen asleep. The next morning Maya woke up, her eyes still vaguely looking at her husband but empty, she called out her husband's name as if she couldn't believe it. Suddenly there was a phone call from his friend who offered his condolences for the death of the virtual husband. Maya, who still couldn't believe it, then turned off the phone and looked at the photos she had with her husband yesterday, but it turned out that in the photo she was alone.