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This program explores Japan’s addiction to noodles - or ramen - and moves to take it global, as chef Kenjii Tsukada develops a dish to present at the first ramen show in Singapore and Mr. Nakano, of Yokohama’s ramen museum, makes a video to teach foreigners how to slurp.

Each Autumn, half a million people attend Tokyo’s ramen festival, while a million visit the ramen museum in Yokohama each year. This program explores Japan’s obsession with noodles and shows that ramen is set to go global. It follows Kenjii Tsukada, one of the best ramen chefs in the country, as he works to create a new dish to present at Singapore’s first ramen festival - and follows Masahiro Nakano as he makes a video for the ramen museum that teaches foreigners how to slurp. The film interweaves their stories with those of other ramen fanatics, including a belly dancer who can eat 25 bowls in a day, an American blogger who has eaten in more than 1,000 ramen shops and a Japanese ramen critic who has eaten more than 21,500 bowls of ramen.