Queen of Diamonds: Ep 4 - The Copywriter

Young and idealistic, Michelle learns of Cybil’s change in behavior and starts to connect the dots. Discovering the influencer’s true colors, Michelle tries to convince Joe, her supervisor, to take action. However, she finds herself trying to understand Joe’s opposite approach.

Creator Statement: Working with Regent was challenging at first. His directing method is far too precise for me. However, after reminding myself that I can learn from others (the whole point of working with other directors), I’ve come to see the importance of controlling every detail. In the editing room, I’ve learn to appreciate his style and was able to put together an episode where Michelle (played by Loo Le En) shows a bit of history: character built from experience that even my scripts didn’t show. I was truly precious with the character of Joe, as I have dumped all my struggles and beliefs into him. And Regent, together with Harest Tilani, brought him to life wonderfully.