A Hit & Run Escalates Into A Real Life Horror, On Halloween Night

Punggol Road End

A suspense-thriller that traces a significant night in the lives of a young married couple- Damia and Firdaus. They embark on a drive to a Halloween Party but lose their way in the midst of their journey under the eerily bright full moon. While arguing about the directions, they knocked into an unsuspecting figure at Punggol Road End. That was when strange things start to happen. They tried to drive away from that cursed road but their car broke down and things only got worse from there. They received an unexpected visit from a deadly figure known in the Malay folklore- a Langsuir. The couple set to their feet as they attempt to escape the fatal clutches of the Langsuir, only to meet their end at that very road. A story filled with family secrets and suspense, it will keep you at the edge of your seat.