Preloved Daughter: Suspicions

An ad in the newspapers brings exciting news for Salmah, but Minah is troubled by the turn of events as Salmah becomes close to Ah Hong… Meanwhile, Salmah faces the risk of losing her job, and gossip has it that Hamzah might be having an affair with their neighbour Yanti - resulting in a life-threatening situation for Salmah and her unborn child...

A Viddsee Original Production

This series was made for StoriesTogether, an initiative that aims to bring hope through films during challenging times and beyond.

As part of this initiative, we’re driving donations to Community Chest, which supports more than 80 social service agencies that work towards empowering the lives of the disadvantaged. Support here.

Filmmaker Statement: 

Preloved Daughter covers the story of a Malay girl in search of her real identity (Chinese) after finding out that she is adopted since young. When I read the story, I was touched. While some give up their children for various reasons, others in this world have a selfless and unconditional love for children who are not their own. This brings us to think about the concept of family and a mother’s love. Family isn’t only in relation to blood ties; family is where one feels he/she belongs as well. The show also reflects a time of my growing up years – a time in the 1980s – where we searched for our identity as a young Singaporean in this fast-changing society.

In an ever-changing world, we’re always in search of something new, something more. But it’s not just about what we’re looking for – it’s what we have all this while – that will pull us through the toughest times. In this time of the pandemic, Preloved Daughter seems even more relevant, giving us hope, and reminding us that with strong family support and love, we can overcome the difficulties in life.