The Craft of Art: Pottery, Jean Adrienne

Step into the potter’s studio and discover the infinite realm of pottery with Jean Adrienne of Adrienne Ceramics, combining nature, texture, and introspection to express herself - and along the way, discovering the possibilities that clay can offer.

A Viddsee Original Production


[CLOSED] We're having a giveaway contest! 6 winners will be chosen for a handbuilding workshop for 2 each. Top 3 winners will receive a pair of ceramic cups!

To join, answer Jean's question in the comments below "What is your favourite theme for my work, and why?"

*Only for those residing in SG, closes 20 Oct 2020. Terms and conditions apply:


Director's Statement:

The Craft of Art began with a simple but also selfish premise - We wanted to learn how artists create works that touch us? We, including myself, passively consume art on a daily basis, the films we watch, the music we listen to, that piece of graphic design somewhere on your computer screen right now; but rarely do we stop to think about them. That motivated the decision to create this documentary series, to find out more about how art forms that we found fascinating and unique go from zero to works that resonate with us - then grappling with this insecurity that we barely touched the tip of the iceberg while working on it - , and translating what we have learnt - about the artist, the art, and the connection between the two - to you, the audience, in a way that is refreshing, entertaining and informative, hopefully. What do I hope you as an audience will get out of the series? To be frank, just to learn that art does not necessarily just come from a mystical spring of inspiration, some do but not all, and to discover the intentionality behind the artists’ creations.