POPcorn Dreams

This film showcases the global expansion of the J-POP idol group, AKB48 from Akihabara in Tokyo by focusing on its first overseas venture, sister group, JKT48 (reads "J.K.T. Forty-eight"), in Jakarta, Indonesia.

It features Melody Nurramdhani Laksani, a local JKT48 member as she hones her performing skills to become a pop idol sensation in Indonesia and Haruka Nakagawa, a Japanese girl who transferred from AKB48 to JKT48 to help the Indonesian girls replicate the AKB songs and dance moves – and whose character and efforts to learn the local language is attracting a growing fan base. Also featuring Yasushi Akimoto, the producer who invented the AKB formula, the film offers a unique insight into Japan’s pop idol culture.