Raman and his wife come to the city in search of better life. Raman sells “Pani Puri” on the road and that’s his source of earning. Although he is not passionate about staying in the city, his wife is very stubborn about the same. They have sold their property back in village to come in the city and settle. Raman is not comfortable with the urban lifestyle, He finds it lethal to travel everyday and do business. 

He tries to convince his wife to go back to the village but his wife denies his wish. She forces him to get used to this struggle. She is unknown to the fact that Raman has a weird problem of going to pee consistently, and being a street food businessman, he does not have a proper place to settle his business where there is a public toilet available. Every time he has to leave his shop and go for urinal. 

One day, his shop gets arrested by the encroachment department. When his wife gets to know this she gets angry and tells him to carry one water bottle and wear dhoti so that he can use that bottle to pee in it. They forget the morals to be followed by the human while staying in this society. And Raman gets caught.