Outside The Box: Woodwork Stories

Ryan elevates his family business by helping customers craft unique stories.

A Viddsee Original Production

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Director Statement: Now more than ever, businesses are forced to react as quickly as possible, to stay relevant to their customers’ needs. As an entrepreneur myself, my team has realised that we have to move beyond just selling a good product or service, and really focus on how our business can best fit and resonate with our patrons. Businesses need to invest in themselves by innovating and searching for new opportunities to future-proof their offerings. “Outside the Box” is a captivating docu-series that showcases imaginative leaders who have found their innovative spirit from their personal life experiences. Intimate, inspiring and authentic, we see leaders share how they’ve infused creativity with processes and design-thinking to steer and transform their business. As a filmmaker, my role for “Outside the Box” is to present the unlimited possibilities and potential for change among different industries and to show how a successful business model can simply start from just having empathy for their customers.