Ordinary Afternoon

Dukman (70) is a retired old man living all alone on his pension for more than 10 years and the only pleasure in his life is seeing his only grandson (5) once in a while, who is living with mum in Seoul after his son died 2 years ago. One evening, when Dukman fell asleep with the TV on after dinner as usual, he gets a phone call from daughter-in-law saying that she and her son, Sanghee, will visit him tomorrow. Their sudden visit and the thought of meeting his grandson make Dukman so excited. Early next day, Dukman hurries to the bank to get some money and buy some food and toys for his grandson. On the way back home, Dukman meets the old lady next door who was going out for a walk with her care worker and a puppy. While Dukman was saying hello to her, the puppy tries to jump off to him, wagging its tail but Dukman is taken aback by the puppy and rushes back home.