A pedicab driver is torn between good and bad in order to provide for his family. Will he cross the line to give them a better life?


In Manila there are thousands of people fighting each day to live and survive. Tomas, also known as “Ashanti”, is one of them. He’s a pedicab driver who works hard to provide the needs of his family. He has a wife and a daughter. His family depends on the money he earns each day. On the busy streets of Manila, he meets Uge, a thief. Uge steals wallets, bags, or anything valuable just to have money. Uge thought that he could use Ashanti’s pedicab in escaping. He thought that no one would notice if his getaway vehicle is a pedicab, which isn’t normal. That’s when he asked Ashanti to be his partner, if he wanted fast money, and asked him to meet him at Ibarra Street if he wanted the job.

Ashanti went home still thinking about Uge’s offer. He was blinded by how much money Uge has by stealing. He thought that it would help his family if he’ll agree to Uge’s offer. The next day, Ashanti decides to go with Uge’s plan, even though it bothers him that he’s doing the wrong thing. But at the end of the day, Ashanti went home with his hand full of money, a decent food for his family and a cellphone for his wife. The next day, they still do the same thing. Uge will steal and Ashanti will be his getaway ride. But things changed when Uge showed up with a phone in his hand covered with blood. Ashanti panicked and drives as fast as he can. Uge killed somebody. But then he realizes that the phone Uge stole is the phone of his wife. Uge killed Ashanti’s wife and Ashanti decides to avenge his wife and kill Uge.