One Last Dance

Still mourning the death of his late grandmother, a shy and reclusive teenage boy spends the last days in his childhood home holed up in his room, listening to her favourite song on the cassette player she left him.

The day before moving out, he follows his friends to the beach but gets roughed up and loses the precious heirloom in the process. With time ticking, he must find it quickly before his parents realise – and before he loses the song forever.

A Viddsee Original Production 

Director Statement:
This coming-of-age story is an exploration of human connections – towards others, ourselves, and the intangible: music. Living in a conservative Asian society, experiencing generational disconnect within families is not uncommon. Love is shown in a more subtle manner, and sometimes we may know very little about the ones we are the closest to. The older we get, the more regret we feel towards the unspoken words, unexpressed appreciation and what-ifs. But it’s never too late, and we can learn to love people even after they’re gone – just in a different way. Dealing with loss at a young age and being thrown into the deep end of powerful emotions, music helps our main character better understand himself, his loved ones, and perhaps unknowingly, who he wants to become. It is a universal language that goes beyond the boundaries of age, space and time. There is comfort in the knowledge that whatever experiences we have had or will have, someone, somewhere out there has gone through the same thing.