The line between dream and reality is blurred when a sentiment-filled teenager invents a device (N.O.VI.S.) that reunites him with the long lost love of his past.


Time is constant, except for one boy whose nostalgia-fueled mind is trapped in the past. Alone, self-isolated, his soul shrouded in sorrow, sixteen-year-old Freddie Lancaster struggles to cope with the absence of his girlfriend, Hayley. He is forced to live a wearisome and meaningless existence without her presence. As often as possible, Freddie attempts to relive the wonder-filled memories of his past through his dreams, but never attains the level of satisfaction he so desires. Desperate to reunite with his one true love, Freddie invents a device that enables him to venture beyond dreams, allowing him to create his own realities and relive the intimate and heartfelt moments with Hayley.

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