Nothing's Gonna Change My World (做甚麼也改變不了我的世界)

The pendulum of life swings both ways, relentlessly and callously and the only certainty is its evanescence. 

A bonesetter treats patients from all walks afflicted with bone ailments and returns home at night to a hoarding attic and an unresponsive partner. His orderly world is thrown into disarray one day by a bizarre vision of the skeletal variety. 

A health freak receives a sudden call in his exquisitely furnished harbour-view bachelor’s pad that will send his life into turmoil. 

Inside a swanky apartment on the peak, a woman savours the slow passing of solitary time at the breakfast table, nursing a fateful idea between contemplative bites. 

Depicted apart though it could as well be superimposed or intertwined, these characters delve into a multiplicity of experiences, whether lived or imagined, in which every element perpetuates the cyclical motion of being.