Not Your Ordinary Love Story

Singapore’s very own, “Not Your Ordinary Love Story” is about two Down Syndrome youth from different family backgrounds discovering love, independence and their first time demonstrating a protest against the ‘world’ and their parents. A fun and outgoing Hana meets a rich and sheltered Jeremy and they innocently fall in love almost instantly. Their love interest starts to draw their mother’s attention. With 2 mothers of different personalities, how far will their love journey go?

A Viddsee Original Production

This series was made for StoriesTogether, an initiative that aims to bring hope through films during challenging times and beyond.

As part of this initiative, we’re driving donations to Community Chest, which supports more than 80 social service agencies that work towards empowering the lives of the disadvantaged. Support here.

Director Statement: 

Love makes men feel like heroes and leaves women on cloud nine. Many love stories have been made retelling the love between strong men and women. For his directorial debut, Safiyuddin wanted to showcase a love story for those who feel the most but has the least voice. The Down Syndrome’s community has long been seen as a community that needs taking care of but everyone deserves to feel like heroes. Through ‘Not Your Ordinary Love Story’, he hopes to be able to open the backdrop and let viewers have a peek into the lives of these communities and their loved ones as they fight for their chance to love like any of us.