Cup (10) was playing when he has a sudden urge to urinate that he went to a tree. When he was about to urinate, an old lady passed by and warned him for carelessly pissing. But Cup remained indifferent and continued his pee. At this moment, his friend came to piss too, but he said, “Excuse me, a prophet’s grandson would like to pee in here. Cup was surprised by what his friend said and asked him the meaning of his words when the dusk call to prayer filled the air.

After he went home, his mother told him to pray immediately, but he went straight to bed. When asleep, he had a strange dream. He returned to the playing field and asked his friend to talk but his friend did not answer and just stared with empty eyes.

Then one of his friends flicked the marbles towards the tree. Cup’s eyes followed the marbles and saw a black shadow appearing by the tree that he urinated on. He got scared and kept on running, but he ended up in the same place - the tree that he urinated on. Cup kept running before he tripped and fell. When Cup fell, the grandmother who had warned him earlier appeared and brought scissors.

Suddenly he was awakened from his dream when his mother yelled and ordered him to take a bath. Cup went into the bathroom and he was surprised to see that he was circumcised.