Nyoman, a 3rd semester student who lives in Ubud, is often late, delays work and rarely gets absent. One day, Nyoman was late getting up because last night he stayed up late, because he did not want to be late again and threatened not to graduate 3rd semester, he asked for help from a friend during his school days, Ketut. Ketut's home area is close to his campus, he asked Ketut to find a cheap rented house / boarding house. Then Ketut found a boarding house that was wanted by Nyoman, but Nyoman felt suspicious about the boarding house because the price was cheap but the facilities and the shape of the boarding house were like a villa. Strangeness began to occur when Nyoman began to live in the boarding house, until it led to a scary incident. what really happened in that villa? why do many horror events happen to Nyoman ?!