Bagyo (45) is a widower who was left by his wife and his 13-year-old daughter named Tasya. Bagyo works odd jobs and is friendly, especially to his neighbors, considering his job involves odd tasks. He hasn't lived with his wife and daughter for 5 years. He does all his activities alone, from making food, washing clothes, drying clothes, washing dishes, to cleaning his house. Bagyo's routine every afternoon is to go fishing in the river with his eccentric clothes, and he follows this routine every day. During his routine, he always takes the time to check his smartphone. There is a moment when he tries to call someone, but when the call is not picked up, he returns to his activities. On Sundays, he goes fishing and catches quite a lot of fish. He then calls someone, who turns out to be his daughter. He invites her to have dinner together with the fish he caught. However, after Bagyo finishes cooking and serving the food, Tasya does not come because she went with her mother and her stepfather.